M          O          N          O          R          O          I           D
P--R--I--N--T--I--N--G S--H--I--R--T--S G--A--L--L--E--R--Y M--U--S--I--C C--O--N--T--A--C--T P--O--S--T--E--R--S

Textile Printing

Up to SIX colors printed on shirts, tote bags, aprons, scarves etc. A variety of sizes and
colors are available.
Screenprinted Posters
Any size poster- up to 18" X 24"- can be printed on any color paper with as many
colors as needed. Oversized printing can be accomadated on a case by case basis.
Any number of colors can be printed on a variety of stocks, including thick cardboard or wood.
Fine Art Serigraph Printing Services
One of our specialties is working with artists to screen print their artwork onto archival paper, or any substrate of their choosing. If  you're interested in working with us to print your work, please contact us for a quote.

Email for a Quote
  Email us today for a quote. Please provide as much informaiton as you can, and feel free to leave your phone # if you'd like to discuss the details. We are located in Philadelphia.

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