Landed - Why I Live b/w Hit the Land 10"ep - Monoroid

Landed - Why I Live b/w Hit the Land 10"ep

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Back in 1997, Men's Recovery played with Landed, Dropdead and Forcefield in Providence, RI. Dropdead raged a furious set with some lo-fi pyrotechnics ala a bottle of lighter fluid and a lighter, Forcefield pumped carbon monoxide into the venue from a scooter just outside and Dan St. Jaques of Landed came out during the first song of their set after lighting himself on fire. He managed to extinguish the flames but the club reeked of burnt human flesh. Sam immediately offered to release something by them. This is the result. 2 tracks - Why I Live and Hit the Land. Along with Dan, Joel Kyack and Shawn Greenlee, John Dwyer and Rick Pelletier play on this record. I did the art (Bela Lugosi hamming it up on the set of The Black Cat (1941) with Gale Sondergaard) but was unable to print the covers myself as I was away at the time it needed to be printed. Shawn and Joel jumped in on printing duties and by the looks of how things turned out I think those guys were partying hard while printing. Thanks guys! Released on Vermiform.

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