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KRAP - Live at the Common Ground LP

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This record is the result of what happens when 3 one man acts (Man's Recovery Project, Fast Forward and Meerk Puffy) go out on the road together for a few days and arrive in Brattleboro, VT at a place called the Common Ground, a long standing, hippie, vegetarian restaurant. All 3 acts were set to play their individual sets as they'd been doing, but turns out the promoter never notified the venue that there was going to be a gig that night (the place was also not scheduled to even be open that night), consequently doing absolutely no promo, and to top it off the PA was locked away in a closet. We'd traveled there with the intent to play so we we're going to play no matter what. Fortunately, I was able to pick the lock on the closet to get the PA out. Since there was no promo, there was no audience either. I called up Dave Sweetapple who lived in town and he came down. The rest of the crowd were the staff of the restaurant, who were only there because they were cleaning or something. It seemed kind of absurd to go to the effort of playing 3 sets, so we decided we'd all play at the same time and whatever happened, happened. We donned our performance outfits, cacophony ensued, someone recorded it and Dave said to us afterwards he'd release it on his label, Wabana Records. Dave had written a fantastic one sheet for the release, but unfortunately it can't be found anywhere. Only a few left of this now infamous evening.

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