Rah Bras - Nipponoppin 7" Picture Disc - Monoroid

Rah Bras - Nipponoppin 7" Picture Disc

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The world famous Rah Bras. No one like em before or after. Very fine friends of Men's Recovery Project, even sharing members. In fact, in MRP's last iteration, they absorbed the whole band into a tour of Japan and a US northeast 3 day love fest. This 7" is The Rah Bras recorded live in Japan on their tour with MRP in 2002.

There was a brief attempt to revive Lungcast Records, spearheaded by Sam McPheeters. I actually had very little to do with it besides lending the name of the label I drove into the ground many years prior. Art by Sam. There were 2000 of these pressed.

Released on Lungcast

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