Fruited Other Surfaces - Compilation CD - Monoroid

Fruited Other Surfaces - Compilation CD

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Odd to noisy, this comp packs 29 acts in alphabetical order into 74 minutes. 

Amps for Christ, Antisocial Beards, Bastard Noise, Boomerang, Mr. Brinkman, Bullet in the Head, The Catholic Church, Drop Dead, Force Field, Hermit, Huldremose Deleted, Human Head, In Search of Obsession, Krebstar, Jay T. Yamamoto, Landed, Lightning Bolt, Men's Recovery Project, Mike Nobody, Pleasurehorse, Rah Bras, Replikants, Rubber O Cement, Sinking Body, Snake in the Monkey's Shadow, Spastic Colon, Tit Wrench, Vanilla Gross, White Christmas

Released on Vermiform

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