At long last I'm very pleased to present my new website. This is a merger of the old Monoroid site and the (not quite as old but still old) Neil Burke site. I always thought it a bit odd that they were separate websites, but that's just how things played out. I must say I loved both sites but they suffered from a severe lack of updating, to the point of neglect, reason being I knew very little about how to go about upkeep without seeking help. This site will be much different, as I'll be more directly involved with it, the process, and the updates, so it will always be more current and relevant. I've learned a great deal, and have had extensive help from my wife Noëlle, and website developer, Jochen Hartmann, both to whom I am very grateful. I've uploaded things that have never been for sale online before and some other things that just never made it onto the old site. I've taken actual photos of what I'm posting, as opposed to the "digital renderings" from the old sites. I also plan on posting one of a kind items and oddities, as well as a few things by other fellow artists. In the interest of launching the site sooner than later, there is still some tweaking to do - it's a work in progress. There's more to come. Stay tuned, sign up for my mailing list and thanks for dropping in.