Neil Burke was born in 1968 and raised in Newton, New Jersey, an hour and a half from New York City. Hardly a stellar pupil, his interests skewed more towards the realms of fantasy and the absurd. Clearly music and art fit well into this paradigm. After failing miserably at Morris County Community College in New Jersey, he attended New York City's now defunct Center for the Media Arts in 1989. There he picked up the fundamentals of graphic design and page layout. Those were the days of paste-up boards, T-squares, X-Acto blades and rubber cement, no computers, very hands on.

He was also involved in the NYC punk scene at that time and has appeared on dozens of records by many underground bands, including Life's Blood, Born Against, Men's Recovery Project, Sinking Body and Landed. In the 1990's he toured with M.R.P. across the continental United States, Alaska and Japan. Burke also worked closely with Sam McPheeters and Vermiform Records throughout its existence, designing dozens of album covers, promotional posters and t-shirts. In 1995, he established Monoroid, his audio / design / screen printing business.

Since 1999, his work has appeared in galleries in Berlin, Miami, New York, Providence, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. Burke currently lives in Philadelphia with his wife Noëlle and their four cats.